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Yüksel-İlhan Alanyalı Science High School MUN Conference

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Most distinguished participants,

We, as the Executive Board of YIAMUN'23, are extremely pleased to welcome you all to the 2nd annual session of Yüksel İlhan Alanyalı Science Highschool Model United Nations Conference.

We have truly given it our all in all fields while organizing this spectacular conference. While it was a hard task trying to accomplish something that is not really in our school's culture, that being MUN, we were fueled by our predecessor's success and decided to work with everything we have got. Even though we had our ups and downs, we feel like along with our amazing organization team we were able to do something we could only hope and dream about. That is what our motto "Dream On" represents, it represents a dream that has finally come true and many more that will follow in the same tracks.

Dreaming is the basis of every achievement. You can not have one without the other and our true dream is for every one of our guest's pleasedness. We will have 9 committees in YIAMUN'23, 3 of them being general assembly, 3 of them being special and 3 of them being crisis. We did our best towards finding original, interesting and insightful topics for our participants to debate and talk about. 

Lastly, we truly believe all our efforts were worth it at the end and we hope all of you will get to feel the same way after attending our conference. We are hopeful in the period of the conference you will get to have an experience of a lifetime.

Yours truly,
YIAMUN'23 Executive Board


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