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The First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. This committee addresses and deals with issues that are related to disarmament challenges to global security as well as threats to international peace.


Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee

The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly focuses on issues dealing with fundamental human rights in the international community.

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The Legal

The Legal Committee is the sixth committee of the General Assembly and its main function is the formulation and application of international law.

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Historical United Nations Security Council 

UNSC, the United Nations (UN) organ whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of international peace and security, like the UN as a whole, was created after World War II to address the failings of the League of Nations in maintaining world peace.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The North Atlantic Alliance was founded in the aftermath of the Second World War. Its purpose was to secure peace in Europe, to promote cooperation among its members and to guard their freedom.

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Assassination of Grigori

The murder of Rasputin, Russia’s infamous “Mad Monk,” is the fodder for a great historical tale that blends fact and legend. But the death of the controversial holy man and faith healer had a combustible effect on the tense state of affairs in pre-revolution Russia.


Congress of
Berlin 1878

With the Treaty of San Stefano (March 3, 1878), when Russia wanted to settle the Orient issue only in terms of its own interests, without considering the balance between European states, this situation was met with opposition from other European states, especially England and Austria, as well as newly established states in the Balkans.

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Cabinet of
Simon Bolivar

A victorious general crowned with victory in his struggle against Spanish colonialism, which had been absolutely dominant in South America for three centuries...
The "saviour" and political architect of half of South America, the president of several countries... Countless political treatises, daring constitutions, clever essays a unique speaker with a brilliant style who writes… 


JCC : The Auspicious

The Auspicious Incident happened on June 16, 1826. The event, which took place during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II, includes the destruction of the Janissary Corps by shelling, and then the execution of the survivors.

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