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Congress of Berlin 1878

With the Treaty of San Stefano (March 3, 1878), when Russia wanted to settle the Orient issue only in terms of its own interests, without considering the balance between European states, this situation was met with opposition from other European states, especially England and Austria, as well as newly established states in the Balkans. Because with the Treaty of San Stefano, Russia's excessive influence over the Ottoman lands was contrary to the interests of England. Austria, on the other hand, was extremely disturbed by the establishment of a great Bulgaria on the vitally important Balkan lands. The dissatisfaction of the states established in the Balkans was due to the fact that they were not given as much land as they had hoped. In addition, the presence of a large Bulgaria was making other Balkan states uneasy. For all these reasons, it was decided to convene a congress in Berlin in order to review the Treaty of San Stefano and make some changes. Although Russia did not seem to favor the convening of such a congress at first, it had to accept it later, since no European state wanted Russia to go down to the Aegean and Adriatic seas. YIAMUN'23 will host the Congress of Berlin on 13 June 1878. We will be waiting for our delegates to discuss the critical situation in the Ottoman Balkans.

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Open Agenda

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