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The Disarmament and International Security Committee 

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. This committee addresses and deals with issues that are related to disarmament challenges to global security as well as threats to international peace. DISEC mainly deals with the broad issues of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, outer space, conventional weapons, regional disarmament and security, other disarmament measures and international security, and disarmament and security. 
In YIAMUN’23, DISEC Committee will discuss two agenda items.

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Agenda Item 1

Pirate attacks towards humanitarian aid ship in the Gulf of Aden

Piracy in the Gulf of Aden first emerged as a serious and dangerous threat in 2005. The pirate attacks mainly take place as a consequence of poverty, underdevelopment, and high levels of unemployment. Since 2005, the number of pirate attacks on ships, especially humanitarian aid ships had increased significantly. Each year, the range of attacks by Somali pirates has increased. The Global Community took action against the events in the Gulf of Aden. The UN resolution 1816 of 2008 which first authorized nations to deploy warships for counter-piracy operations in Somali territorial waters has since been followed by several international initiatives. Even though over two dozen of warships are currently deployed in the Gulf of Aden, piracy is still going strong.

Agenda Item 2

Transnational organized crimes committed in high seas around the world including trafficking of people and illicit goods, and such.

Crime on the high seas is becoming increasingly sophisticated, endangering human life on land, the economic growth of entire regions, and global safety. With the lack of international water supervision, this problem has been becoming more apparent as each day passes. In summary, in YIAMUN'23 the DISEC Committee plans to tackle issues surrounding the waters of the world.

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