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The Auspicious Incident

The Auspicious Incident happened on June 16, 1826. The event, which took place during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II, includes the destruction of the Janissary Corps by shelling, and then the execution of the survivors. During the 17 years of his sultanate, Sultan Mahmut II made various efforts to abolish the Janissary.  Sultan Mahmud II, with the support of other corps, bombarded the Janissary Corps in Aksaray on 16 June 1826. More than 6 thousand janissaries were killed in this attack and more than 20 thousand rebels were arrested. In our JCC commitee in YIAMUN'23 we expect to have a great battle between Sultan Mahmud II with his partisans and the Janissary Corps. The sides will write directives and take action towards each other and the side which has made the best decisions will be the victor of the battle. By the end, we hope to answer the question if the Janissary could have battled and won against the Sultan's troops and finally fully take over Ottoman's throne or will history repeat itself with the abolishment of the Janissary. Join the battle to find out

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Open Agenda

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