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Cabinet of Simon Bolivar

A victorious general crowned with victory in his struggle against Spanish colonialism, which had been absolutely dominant in South America for three centuries... The "saviour" and political architect of half of South America, the president of several countries... Countless political treatises, daring constitutions, clever essays a unique speaker with a brilliant style who writes…

Simon Bolivar, who created a huge work that changed the world after years of struggle against the Spanish, ensured the independence of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia; He became the political and military leader of the independence movement launched against the Spanish Empire. He is also called the "George Washington of South America". He fought against the Spanish for many years, and in 1821 he liberated the then-Grand Colombia region, which included Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Peru, from Spanish colonization and became its first president.


"... by the god of my ancestors, by my honor, by my country, I swear that I will not let my body and soul rest until I break the chains that the Spanish powerful have used to keep us under their yoke."


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Open Agenda

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